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   Once upon a time there was a family in a house. It was the weekend, but all the family members were busy in their rooms. The grandmother was sitting on the sofa next to the grandfather who had fallen asleep, suddenly the grandmother remembered that she had lost her teeth. He got up from the sofa and went to the children’s room, the son and daughter of the family were playing with the device that was playing on TV, he called them several times, but the children did not notice their grandmother. (At this time, grandfather was still asleep) .Grandmother went to the family’s parents’ room and asked them about her teeth.
   The father was busy working but the mother went to help the grandmother to find her teeth (Grandfather was still asleep at this moment and note that grandmother’s teeth were in grandfather’s mouth, completely by accident).
   Mother and grandmother were looking around the rooms. Suddenly, a thunder struck the house and everyone in the family fell asleep like grandfather. After a few minutes when the first son of the family woke up. It felt strange at home. He went to the door of the house and when he opened the door, the outside of the house was white all around and they were all expelled from their earthly world. As a result of the thunder, they had entered chaos called chaos from the earth to the sky…

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I am a happy girl, but sometimes I don't have enough energy to be happy. That's when I try to be happy.










   This game is designed based on macro adventure ecosystem and using chaos in the flow of game.

   As a character, you enter an adventure on a different level, where the flow of chaos can change your choices and decisions in reaching your goal.

   The transition level of victory and defeat is very high, and based on this level, we will experience another type of entertainment called intense entertainment.

   This new structure that exists as a sub-layer in the game is called side of modern value, based on which the players get different values to solve the challenge or their decisions.


   This game is very simple, funny and family friendly. From an 8-year-old child to an adult, this game can have a pleasant feeling. The competition in the game is very high, and by using the abilities of your personality, you will get different opportunities that are exclusive to you. There is numerous chaos that will challenge you, these challenges will be solved with your strategy and you can solve a challenge in different ways.


Phase One: Desicion making and placing minions

Phase Two: Using the wonder cards

Phase Three: Placing the cards


20 Chaos Cards
20 Wonder Cards
20 Minions
20 Tool Cards
20 Minions Tokens
06 Character Stands
04 House Floor Boards
06 Player Boards
06 Wonder Tokens

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