INFINITY: Football FLY is a realistic board game where you will experience a complete and unique experience of a football game.
   In this game, Piriyka House has tried to provide you with a mental experience and strategy operation particularly by building the PDSA ecosystem.

   In this game, the existing tactics are taken from the game process of real football players, and the strategy cards are taken from the target structure of football coaches who have provided the most effects in a football game.

Playing With Real-World Football Tactics

Implementing Real-World Coaching Strategies

In this game, using your method and mental structure and available activities/cards, you can prepare predetermined programs.
In this ecosystem, steps are formed in your mind, which are in the following order:


By having a strategy, you set a plan at every turn to get closer to your goal.


You use chits and cards for your operations.


After performing this operation, you will check your feedback on the assigned program.


By re-examining the plan and starting the previous mental strategy, you start your turn with new plans and do not rely only on your initial strategy.


In addition to having a fun factor, introduces the players to the moment-by-moment experiences of an exciting football game. Based on the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) infrastructure, the game demonstrates decision-making and strategic planning as a lantern. Lanterns are movements that the players can transparently examine and create new directions for themselves from any of their positions and tactics.

GOLDEN Moments

The methods of this game (strategy / tactics) are taken from the games of world football history. By implementing these methods, you will gain a very unique experience while playing this game.

The inner charms of the game

With each move, players can see an overview of a match. They should try to score the most goals by moving players, identifying opportunities and implementing their activity and strategy cards in a timely manner. Challenges such as how to arrange the players on the field and finding a way to implement tactical cards are some of the attractions that keep the players entertained throughout the game. The simplicity of the game is one of the important points, indeed there are three very simple steps in the game.

Game Objectives

01. Exciting experience of Football
02. Boost the design making skills
03. Strategy analysis


01 Football Field
12 Red Players
12 Blue Players
10 Token of Goal Zone
18 Strategy Cards
27 Tactics Cards
25 Skill Cards
06 White Marker Cubes

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