Structure and Environment of PIRIYKA

In an era when the analysis of the listener and the thoughts of the speaker led to the creation of collective wisdom, mechanisms are scattered all over our world. A mechanism with its “look” takes on its original color and is created by drawing that look on the paper. In today’s world we are familiar with many mechanisms and most of these mechanisms have their own names.

In various games, the procedure of the mechanism in the heart of the game is seen by the player and the player understands the mechanism and the story of the game – willingly or unwillingly – the concept or concepts from that game.

When examining the mechanism of a game, we must first see what level we are examining. Macro level? Intermediate level? Or a sub-spin?

In fact, these definitions are pre-made for mechanisms and have taken on a general form and specific letters due to the repetition of a procedure in the world. When a designer (here a game designer) enters into any part of this work, he or she begins by first considering the previous mechanisms (his or her mental defaults). But he does not notice drowning in a circle of fixed components. And of course, drowning in this circle sometimes leads to discovery.

In Piriyka house, the mechanism, elements, concepts, story and player are all effective in forming a plan, and by putting these variables together, a game is designed that does not repeat the previous procedures and considers specific variables (level breakers) in each game. For this reason, in Piriyka house, we use the structure and environment of Piriyka to introduce a specific “type” and “species” of each game that includes a new mechanism. The purpose of introducing “type” – which is given in the first part of the structure and environment of Piriyka – is the main focus of the game on what variables affects, and in the second part, a specific “type” is selected for the model of display and content of the game. For example, the title “strategy / adventure” refers to a game in the structure and environment of Piriyka, meaning that the main focus of the game is “strategy” and the format of the show that moves the variables is “adventure”.

In Piriyka house games (Piriyka structure and environment or SEP), new and unique mechanisms are created in each game.

Meanwhile, some Piriyka house games have only one unique internal mechanism, which is given a short name – appropriate to the function of the mechanism. This single internal mechanism is offered outside the structure and environment of Piriyka due to its high level and special features.

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