Automated Game Flow (AGF)

In the structure of the automated game flow mechanism (AGF), three macro factors are continuously moved. These three factors are: 

  1. Action speed commensurate with instant decision
  2.  Effect of soundtrack on the decision
  3.  Movement of a hypothetical rival in the game

Action speed commensurate with instant decision:

When the player chooses an activity, the effect and consequence of that activity flows up to two stages (rounds) of the game. That is, each activity consists of two effects in two separate rounds, and as long as the player wants to leave the result of the path they have chosen, they must pay Two-stage effect and lose some variables. However, because games with an automated game flow mechanism (AGF) must be completed within a specific and predetermined time, victory or defeat will not be determined until the end of the game.

Effect of soundtrack on decision:

Another important factor in the automated game flow mechanism (AGF) is the soundtrack, which is made exclusively by Piriyka bands for that particular game. The soundtrack is played from the beginning of the game and continues until the end of the game. This soundtrack is made in such a way that it puts the player in the context of internal currents and around the defined realm. The soundtrack has a great impact on the choice of audience activity in the game. During the game, the music is combined with the duration of the game, and when the player is in a specific event of the game, the music multiplies the impact of this event in the mind of the audience and can affect the player’s decisions in the game more widely or accurately.

Movement of a hypothetical opponent in the game:

The hypothetical opponent acts as a player in the automated flow of games. When the player uses a card, it actually gives a feature or a point to a hypothetical competitor and the more positive or negative that card is the more positive or score a point or move is for the hypothetical competitor. The hypothetical opponent is in the main shell of the current mechanism, and you as the player do not need to move the hypothetical opponent in the game.

Each of these designed factors can also generate automated game flow (AGF) on its own. By designing and combining these three factors, Piriyka House has created a mechanism called automated game flow (AGF).

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